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One day in the late 1980s, a woman named Marilyn Price, originally from St. Louis, was riding her mountain bike up Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, CA.  From there, she had a beautiful view of San Francisco and thought of the children she knew from St. Anthony’s Dining Room where she volunteered.  Many of those kids had never seen their city from that perspective and had never challenged themselves physically.  They spend most of their days surrounded by cement, including constant exposure to drugs, violence and gang involvement.  

By creating Trips for Kids in Marin County, she was able to take disadvantaged youth in the Bay Area out of the city and make the great outdoors a reality for them.   Since then, Trips for Kids has grown successfully to 82 additional chapters across the US and Canada and all are guided from the National office.  Trips for Kids Metro New York is an affiliate, dedicated to helping disadvantaged children to have educational and out-door experiences.

By using the successful Trips for Kids Marin as our model program, Trips for Kids Phoenix has a strong foundation to start up the development of our ride program for disadvantaged youth.  By using our expertise in mountain biking and child guidance, our staff, volunteers and members of the community can help children overcome some of the obstacles that they often live with in their concrete worlds.

In May 2006, Austin stumbled on a Trips for Kids ad in a recent Bike magazine.  He immediately saw the vision and opportunity that Trips for Kids offered. He brought his idea to his wife Heather who at the time was very actively involved in her community and co-ran the Salvation Army Extension Unit in Anthem AZ.  Trips for Kids Phoenix seemed like the perfect fit for their family. Combining his love of Mountain Biking with her love for social work, they decided to now combining their passions to teach confidence and self-esteem to low income, at-risk kids in the Phoenix / Tucson area.  Kids and Bikes they go together and what better way to reach at –risk children then to expose them, as Moore puts it, “to the thrill and exhilaration of being on a bike in the desert.”

In May of 2008 Trips for Kids Phoenix became an official chapter, now one of 82 International chapters.

In 2012, Heather and Austin Moore were relocated to Las Vegas, NV and needed to find someone to take over Trips for Kids Phoenix.  Heather Moore had met Brandee Lepak, owner of Global Bikes, in Washington DC while lobbying for cycling related legislation.  When it was time to find a new leader for TFK Phoenix, Heather was confident Brandee was the right person for the job.

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